8/21 meeting notes

Hey everyone, these are the meeting notes from Saturday the 21st, structural BABC meeting. There was a lot talked about and a lot of notes so I hope I got everything in here.

Mission Statement
-collective started in January
-subgroup of 5-10 people worked it
-presented at a meeting and approved, but there is always room to reexamine it

BABC Accomplishments-
3 big shows
sense of accountability and trust
building relationships

What is structure? What do we hope to accomplish? Plans of action?

Things we want to accomplish-

Rolodex of venues with contacts and description-
Alex and Naomi and anyone else can work on this

Making a form for bands to fill out before they ask for a show in a similar style as Club Sandwich does booking. The gmail address is bayareabookingcollective@gmail.com
Spell out at (@) to prevent spam when we post it to face-book or blog. Include a clause for no response “sorry we are really busy. If you don’t get a response, please try again in the future”.
Possible questions-
-Have you read the mission statement?
-How do you relate to this?
-What does a friendly, inclusive event look like to you?
-How would you describe your music?
-Please include a link.
-What date are you looking for?
-How did you hear about us.
Dave or Tieraney is working on this?

(Money Policy) (door)
-20% after band gets $100
-what do we want to do with the money  (pa?)

What is required for something to be a BABC show?

Tasks (show based and ongoing)
We named and defined some rotating tasks- 2 months was an agreed length

1. Web publicity people- Face-book and Word Press blog
-add friends
-send out stock (form letters) statement
-event call outs/ making events
-update photos
-Shawna and Alex for 2 months

2. Checking email-
2 people checking twice a week
this person is the filter of bands before the show gets forwarded on
-Hannah and Moni for 2 months

-need more time to discuss this

Call Reminder- Google Doc for people who want to be called for meetings.
-Naomi and Maren making this
-Bad Smut

Show specific tasks-
-between performances
-introduce bands/ give acknowledgments to artists/booths
-read mission statement
-upcoming events
-brings sign up sheet/ contact list
-be the new kid meeter


Next Meeting
Checklist of what is a booking collective meeting, based off mission statement
Booking a show?
Alex is facilitator


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next bay area booking collective meeting!

6pm on Thursday, May 6th 2010

at the Longhaul!

some things on the agenda:

discuss money
shout outs for the coming out shows
trouble shooting for coming out shows
next shows?
neighborhood protocol

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shows this weekend!!!

yay!! the Booking Collective Coming out Shows are this weekend! it really will be the very best!!

i wanna put up some updates that arent on that lovely flyer!

First of all the venue for the Friday show in Oakland is at the Think Tank which is located on 42nd at Telegraph in Oakland, a convenient 3 or so blocks from MacArthur BART station. If you want the actual address email babc.complicity@gmail.com also BTW for friday all loud bands with drumsets need to be over by 1030 so that we can respect neighbors! so please get there on time, which is 7 o’clock!!

heres all the details!!!

bay area booking collective is having our coming out show!

friday the 23rd!
7pm at the think tank. at 42nd and telegraph.


bands with drum sets must be over by 1030 so be punctual!!!
and an 8mm and digital projector for films & footage if you got any!

saturday, 24th
6pm at 250 industrial ave (at bayshore) in san francisco



tabling by for crying out loud collective
a zine table for perusing
massage skillshare with tierany!
d.i.y. nail salon with melody!

*Artwork/Tabling by Endless Canvas: Bay Area Graffiti and Street Art


*Some Written/Visual work will be exhibited by Youth Speaks poets: Denise Wallace, Sojari Bradley, and Gracie Olguin!

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Hey folks,

I think someone is going to be posting notes/sending out a email with more details regarding the logistics we discussed during the meeting last night…But personally I am kind of nervous about us not having a East Bay venue locked down so this post is specifically about that.

Does anyone know of a potential house where the bands can play on the 23rd? We agreed last night that at this point we are open to that idea ( I know we have to consider things like the folks who live there/neighborhood/ if it is a good match for this type of event in general but just wanted to post this to see if anyone has any ideas at least).

Once we get some leads on that, I feel like we can at least carry through with making the flyers and getting word out more confidently. I completely think we can pull this all off….as long as we find a East Bay venue……..ha!….

Hope you all are well,

❤ Erika

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Logistics Meeting for the Coming Out Party

Hello Everybody!!
It’s Shawna. As you all know our coming out weekend is scheduled for April 23rd (Oakland) and April 24th (San Francisco)!! There will be a logistics meeting:
Thursday April 8th, 2010
6:00 pm
Mosswood Park in Oakland
meet at the corners of Webster and W. MacAurthur
Anticipated meeting topics:
create task list for coming out weekend
*working door
*trash, etc..
secured bands and workshops
securing artwork and film stuff
create sub-committees for Oak and SF show
***it will be super fun AND exciting!
***please come! for those unable to make it a task list w/timeline will be sent out for folks who want to help out.
Let’s make our coming out party super-awesome!!
Hope to see you all soon!!
***P.s. Next “big” meeting for the Booking Collective is  Sunday April 18th
***@ Mama Buzz Cafe in Oakland
***2318 Telegraph Ave

*****Oakland, CA


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show! march 27th!

whoooo next booking collective show on march 27th!!!

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flier for next meeting!

for some reason the googlegroup email thing won’t let me email this to everyone, so here it is!


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Accountability/ Zine Meeting Notes: 2/28/10

Accountability/ Zine Meeting Notes: 2/28/10

Just a head’s up. I took really sloppy notes but I think I got most of this stuff down right…..ha!

1) Checklist for March 27th Show!!!

A) Venue

+ Has no confirmed venue yet: Looking into booking the flower shop.

-Erika signed up to find contact info for booker, will check in with this at next meeting.

– Addy for the Flower Shop- just in case we do get it – is 992 Peralta Ave San Francisco.

B) Touring Bands:

-Staying at Naomi’s/ Jamie’s house

C) Buddy System:

– Celia volunteered to set up/email folks about where ppl can meet up in SF to get to this show together. Although just as a head’s up it most likely be at 8pm at 24th street bart.

D) Clean Up

Amelia volunteered to coordinate making sure any empty bottles get turned into the recycling center.

– We are asking folks to please bring a plastic bag or two to the show with you. Like the kind you get from grocery stores, just so we don’t have to spend $ on actual trash bags.

E) Food

– Francois volunteered to get in contact with Food not Bombs SF, to see if we can get any free food at the show.

F) Art:

-If anyone wants to bring/exhibit some art at this show make sure to mention it at the next general meeting!

2) April 23rd/24th: Booking Collective Coming Out Weekend BashPartyShowAwesomeness!!!!

-We decided at the last general meeting we should have a have a BIG weekend event so we can let folks know we’re organizing coolie events as a collective!!

– Everything listed below are ideas for both nights. We are going to ask these folks/orgs if they have any interest in coming through and then figure out what night they can show up on.

– Although we did decide April 23rd would be a East Bay event. April 24th would be our SF.

– We also figured we could have more projections/workshops happening on Saturday so we could start earlier and go til late.

Bands we would like to see play:

+ Fat Transfer. Magic Meals. Black Jeans. Anna’s Project. Mellow Wave. Cher Horowitz (I can’t spell…ha)

Folks we think would be down to do a projection /video installation:

+Jen, Grace, Maren, Sweet Tooth.

-Celia volunteered to check in with these folks.

– Naomi is going to see is she knows anyone who is willing to lend us a projector for the night.

Dance Performance:

-Shawna is going to check in with one of her friends


+Best Friend Girlfriend. Dirt. Joseph. Trei.

– Celia volunteered to check in with Trei.

– Amelia is checking in with Joseph.

– Naomi is checking in with Dirt/BFG.


+ Booking Collective should have some info out!

+ For Crying Out Loud!

+ Girls Rock Camp

+ Baitline Magazine

– Hannah is checking in with GRC

– Amelia is checking in with Baitline


+ Carolyn: might be into leading a self defense Workshop

– Hannah is going to check in with them about this.

Zines to sell/give out/to display:

+ Long Haul

+ Needles & Pens


+ Goat Blood

– Erika will check in with Long Haul/ Needle&Pens

– Celia is going to ask RPS/Goat Blood

Photography (for documentation purposes)

+ Ammo

Beauty Shop:

+Decided it would be cute to have someone doing nails. Just for hella fun.

April 23rd/East Bay Venue Ideas

+Victory Warehouse: San Pablo/20 something. Brontez or Diane has contact info.

+ ABCO: 43rd/MLK

– Hannah is checking in with Victory.

– Celia is going to see waddup with ABCO.

April 24th/SF Venue Ideas:

+ Artist Work Warehouse. Vanessa/Alanna are contacts

+ Vintage Store

– Amelia is going to check in with Vintage Store

– Also considering if/ how much the venues require for compensation.


+ Going to ask for $2 donations at the door (most likely)

3) ATA Proposal!

– We heard from Grace that ATA might let us throw a monthly event at their venue if we submit a proposal!

– We are going to include mission statement/ general description of what type of event we want to throw: all ages, film showings, amplified bands, acoustic music, live performance, workshops ( i.e. clothes alteration workshop idea: folks bring in old clothes and trade or alter them).

– Naomi, Grace, and Erika are compiling this.

4) East Bay Queer Dance Party!

– We decided in the future (some point well after April) we would like to throw a monthly queer dance party.

– Celia is going to check in with New Perish to see if they might be down to let us use their space.

– Potentially every first Friday type of thing.

5) Booking Collective Zine!

What it would look like:

– Promotional Tool

– Calendar of future events

– List of community resources

– Include mission statement/ how to get involved

– Have classified ads: in case someone wants to sell equipment/ folks are looking for a singer etc.

– Volunteer opportunities: Have stuff listed. Girls rock camp for example.

– Talk more in detail at next general meeting!

6) Meeting Space

– Going to try to get next months meeting at a public location

– Erika is going to check in with Mama Buzz, Long Haul, Naumbaum? Bakery

– Naomi is going to check in with Modern Times

7) Upcoming Meetings/ Announcements:

March 4th: Statewide strike and day of action: http://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2010/02/27/18639000.php

– March 7th: East Bay Free Day/ Really Really Free Market at Lakeshore in Oakland: Daytime

March 7th: Next general booking collective meeting @ 3855 MLK Oakland. 6pm!

– March 13/14th: Anarchist Bookfair in SF!

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Booking Collective Meeting Notes from 2/21/10

Booking Collective General Meeting # 3

February 21, 2010

22nd street co-op

lots of newcomers attended tonite

I we started around 6:20.

I. Introduction. Agenda Items.

Mission Statement; Accountability; Internet; Name; Bookings; Venue Grievences; Addendums to agenda: Meeting time options/alternatives; Info distribution at events; Intro to public party

A. Presented and discussed Mission Statement presented by the Committee for the mission statement. Everyone affirmed with positive comments and dedication.

-unanimous approval!

B. Report from Committee on Accountability and Community. All posi-stuff. killer. (there is an online accompaniment document from the committee itself. refer to email, google group, or wordpress) [keep in mind these are my personal notes]

ideas and goals presented-

– Clean-up after shows.

– Taking care of out-of-town bands (feeding? options. Food Not Bombs, dumpstering, alliances, etc.)

–also the collective meetings and events!!

– Buddy system/meet-up locations! perhaps maps in the future or to accompany zine.

-**Lots of attention paid to this one. Directory of venues. furthing of the zine idea. collection of data is key but tedious. Addendum to the present agenda: List of available venues to have a base for a separate committee to build upon…

– Development of a set of guidelines for how to run shows/point person.

– Skill shares/workshops (not exclusively to art & music, but to include items such as self defense, gardening, etc.)

— Showing booking checklist/guidelines

— Video workshop

— Zines

— Instruments/jamming

– list of dumpsters for people to have access to (food for events)

– use of public meeting spaces to hold meetings i.e. Long Hall, Modern Times and the like

– **Lots of attention paid to this too. ZINE compiling. set as a goal and a tool for the collective/bands/outsiders/thepeople perhaps to coincide with the proposed “coming out party/introduction party” (discussed in greater depth further in reading)

– end shows early. dance party after.

– logo design

– “dead air” use in the interim of full band performances to keep flow/atmosphere efficiency (1 person performances, stand up, announcements, games, tapes, very easy set up and quick tear down).

– how people can help

C. Internet stuffs. outreach/accessibility options – proposed resolutions:

– Links to everything. (easier to resolve once there’s a name).


—OPEN TO PUBLIC. add yourself


—login: bookingcollective

—password: bayarea!

– Facebook.

–Shawna was named the administrator/creator of the account forthcoming. once created there will be a bulletin to announce

–post recordings of shows/affiliated bands

D. Booking


— Saturday, March 27th

Agatha (Seattle, WA)

My Parade (Seattle, WA)

American Splits


Cher Horowitz (sp?)



— The bus? * I didn’t catch who is supposed to contact them.

— Flower shop? * again, I don’t remember who was to/has a contact with them.

point person: Karina(sp?)

— May (first weekend tbd)

She Beast (Portland, OR)



point person: Marissa

— Satruday, May 8th

Daniel Francis Doyle (Austin, TX)

No Babies


point person: David


– Friday March 19th

on The Bus (SF location TBA)

Twin Crystals (Vancouver, BC – pre-Hemlock all ages show)

American Splits

Robin Williams On Fire


point person: David

– Tuesday June 22nd

@ 21 Grand (Oakland)

Shearing Pinx (Vancouver, BC)

Nu Sensae (Vancouver, BC)

American Splits


point person: David


-***COMING OUT/Intro to public WEEKEND PARTY!!

April 23, 24, 25

1 show in SF 1 in Oakland

bands of the booking collective!!

Sunday maybe a film festival?


–         Locals only shows

–         1 show a month

E. Venue Grievances

– we anonymously wrote down names of venues that we might not want to work with, gathered the entries and compiled a list. only 2 were listed and discussed.

– Apgar House & Hazmat: general culture: rough neighborhood. apathy. safety issues. fights. unorganized.

F. Naming the Collective

– it was decided that we will have a vote at the next general meeting (March 7th) to decide on a name

– Marissa was assigned as the creator of the email account for collecting name suggestions (namethecollective@gmail.com) to present for the next meeting

– send suggestions to the email

G. Meeting times

– General Meeting: Sunday, March 7th @ 6pm Celia’s house 3855 MLK in Oakland (Apgar x MLK, behind McArthur Bart). on agenda: Name, Accountability Committee presentation, Shows, Introduction weekend in April, resolving meeting time conflicts, Zine

— coinciding with free market/free school to feed meeting attendees? and for alliances

– Accountability Meeting: Sunday, February 28th @ 5pm

— 3855 MLK in Oakland

— see presentation in part B, many things to discuss

H. Info distribution at shows

– plans to table

– invite other organizations to table

– flyers

– announcements between bands


*** these are all the notes I have for this meeting. if I am missing something I’m sorry but you’re welcome to add them to the document or as a reply. – David

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About the name…

We made an e-mail address to send yr. suggestions to! (in case you don’t wanna post it on a publice forum or something…) It’s namethecollective(at)gmail(dot)com


P.S. we’ll be voting on a name for the collective at the March 7 meeting.

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meeting time and dates besides sundays at 6pm!

hey everyone!

who has ideas for alternative meeting dates and times?

 if you can’t meet on sundays at 6, or you can but also have other options, please post a comment and say what day or time would work  for you! if someone posts one that works for you, second it.

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Our Name….

idea for the name:



because it’s bay booking. like bay area booking collective. it looks cool.

let’s discuss. : )

comment with other ideas you have!!

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the booking collective mission statement!

The Bay Area Booking Collective exists to create community spaces that intentionally encompass and merge our communities of FEMINISTS, PEOPLE OF COLOR, QUEERS, PEOPLE OF ALL-AGES, THOSE OF ALL ECONOMIC BACKGROUNDS, ALL GENDER-IDENITIES and EXPRESSIONS, TRANSPEOPLE, DIFFERENTLY ABLED PEOPLE AND OUR ALLIES!!!

We are:

==> booking events that merge different music genres, skills, resources, art, creative expressions, and communities.

==> booking events that are trans-Bay.

==> booking affordable events. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

==> creating a positive atmosphere where peoples’ physical access and well-being are considered and respected.

==> building a community that is accountable to one another, the neighborhoods we live in and have events in, and anybody the events effect

==> creating an environment that inspires relationships that are meaningful, enriching, positive, and supportive.

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